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Login Use-Case


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21/Dec/98 Draft Draft Version S. Gamble

Table of Contents

  1. Brief Description
  2. Flow of Events
    2.1    Basic Flow - Login
    2.2    Alternative Flow
                           2.2.1       Invalid Name / Password
  3. Special Requirements
  4. Preconditions
  5. Postconditions
  6. Extension Points

Login Use Case

  1. Brief Description
  2. This use case describes how a user logs into the Course Registration System.

    The actors starting this use case are Student, Professor, and Registrar.

    2.    Flow of Events

    The use case begins when the actor types his/her name and password on the login form.

2.1    Basic Flow - Login
  1. The system validates the actor’s password and logs him/her into the system.
  2. The system displays the Main Form and the use case ends.
          2.2    Alternative Flows
2.2.1    Invalid Name / Password

Issue: Need to decide whether password security is necessary for this application.

    3.    Special Requirements

    Special requirements will be determined during the next iteration.

    4.    Preconditions

    Preconditions will be determined during the next iteration.

    5.    Postconditions

    Postconditions will be determined during the next iteration.

    6.    Extension Points
    1. Extension points of the business use case will be identified during the Elaboration Phase.


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