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October 12, 1999 1.0 Initial version Context Integration
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    The glossary contains the working definitions for all classes in the Collegiate Sports Paging System. This glossary will be expanded throughout the life of the project.


    This glossary addresses all terms which have specific meanings for this project. Actors are not listed here as they are described more fully in the use case definitions.

    Definitions Top of page


    Content consists of all of the media by which a news story or sporting event story can be delivered to a user. This may include text, graphics, video, or sound.


    A pager is a device capable of receiving an alphanumeric message. A cellular phone may act as a pager, as may email. For this project, all such devices will be considered as pagers.


    A subscription is an agreement between a customer and WebNewsOnLine to deliver pages when events occur in specific sports subject areas (such as NCAA Basketball).

    Web Site

    The Collegiate Sports Paging System web site is a computer system that a user accesses using commercial web browser software. Subscribers will receive customized displays of content they can access.


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