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  •  A deployment unit consists of a build (an executable collection of components), documents (end-user support material and release notes) and installation artifacts. The purpose of this activity is to create a deployment unit that is sufficiently complete to be downloadable, installable and run on a node as a group.
Input Artifacts: Resulting Artifacts:
Frequency: On-going
Role: Configuration Manager

Workflow Details:

All project artifacts are physically stored in the project repository, and logically organized in accordance with the product directory structure.  The deployment unit contains all the deliverable items, and these are listed in the Bill of Materials. 

In this activity, the Configuration Manager creates a copy of the deliverable items, baselined and under version control in the project repository,  onto the necessary media for deployment on the target environment. The necessary media could be a CD-ROM, or in the case of a web-downloadable product a zipped copy available for download.

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