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General Top

    • The objectives of the model are clearly stated and visible.
    • The model is at an appropriate level of detail given the model objectives.
    • The model's use of modeling constructs is appropriate to the problem at hand.
    • The model is as simple as possible while still achieving the goals of the model.
    • The model appears to be able to accommodate reasonably expected future change.
    • The design is appropriate to the task at hand (neither too complex nor too advanced)
    • The design appears to be understandable and maintainable
    • The design appears to be implementable

Layers Top

    • There are no more than seven (plus or minus two) layers.
    • The rationale for layer definition is clearly presented and consistently applied.
    • Layer boundaries are respected within the design.
    • Layers are used to encapsulate conceptual boundaries between different kinds of services and provide useful abstractions which makes the design easier to understand.

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