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Development Case
The Development Case describes the development process that you have chosen to follow in your project.
Role: Process Engineer
Enclosed in: Software Development Plan
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The Development Case for Small Projects is a simplified example tailored for small projects.

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Purpose To top of page

The purpose of the Development Case is to capture the tailored process for the individual project.

Timing To top of page

The Development Case is created early in the Inception phase and is updated throughout the project as needed.

A first version of the Development Case is created at the onset of the project. We recommend that you develop the Development Case in increments, covering more and more of the disciplines in each iteration. The first version of the Development Case will normally only cover a subset of the disciplines. In each of the subsequent iterations, more will be covered by the Development Case. As you evaluate the results of each iteration, the Development Case is likely to change based on the lessons learned.

Responsibility To top of page

The Process Engineer is responsible for creating and maintaining the Development Case.

Tailoring To top of page

Normally, a project does not start using all disciplines in the RUP. If that's case, the corresponding sections can be removed.

If needed, add more information about how to use the artifacts for each discipline. For example, add references to templates used to describe the artifacts.

If needed, add references to guidelines and information that the project wants to use in addition to the RUP.

Additional Information To top of page

Use the Development Case in parallel with the Iteration Plan for each iteration. The Development Case specifically states what parts of each model you have chosen to use in your project.

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