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The business-process analyst leads and coordinates business use-case modeling by outlining and delimiting the organization being modeled; for example, establishing what business actors and business use cases exist and how they interact. The business process analyst is responsible for the business architecture. He/she is shown below as responsible for Artifact: Business Object Model because of this overall architectural responsibility, even though Role: Business Designer creates and maintains it.

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A person acting as business-process analyst must be a good facilitator and have excellent communication skills. Knowledge of the business domain is essential to have for those acting in this role, however, it's not necessary for everyone.

A business-process analyst is prepared to:

  • Assess the situation of the target organization where the project's end-product will be deployed. 
  • Understand customer and user requirements, their strategies, and their goals. 
  • Facilitate modeling of the target organization. 
  • Discuss and facilitate a business engineering effort, if needed. 
  • Perform a cost/benefit analysis for any suggested changes in the target organization. 
  • Discuss and support those who market and sell the end-product of the project. 

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