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The stakeholder role is defined as anyone who is materially affected by the outcome of the project. 

Effectively solving any complex problem involves satisfying the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders. Typically, stakeholders will have different perspectives on the problem and different needs that must be addressed by the solution. Many stakeholders are users of the system. Other stakeholders are only indirect users of the system or are affected only by the business outcomes that the system influences. Many are economic buyers or champions of the system. An understanding of who the stakeholders are and their particular needs are key elements in developing an effective solution.

Examples of stakeholders:
  • Customer or customer representative
  • User or user representative
  • Investor
  • Shareholder
  • Production manager
  • Buyer
  • Designer
  • Tester
  • Documentation writer
  • and so on

More Information: Concepts: User-Centered Design

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