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Each business use case will be assigned a team member who is responsible for describing it in detail. Acting as business designer, that person will complete the definition of the business use case, and lead a review session for the business use case. Other members of the business-modeling team are invited to this review session to act as business-model reviewers. The business designer may also invite representatives for stakeholders to the project, such as end users.

The purpose of this workflow detail is to:

  • Detail the definition of the business use case.
  • Verify that the business use case correctly reflects how business is done.

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A person acting as business designer needs to have good writing skills. Knowledge of the business domain is, of course, also helpful, but this can be covered by involving domain experts as reviewers.

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The core development team should conduct a few rounds of internal walkthroughs, facilitated by the business designer, to clean up unnecessary inconsistencies before their work is more formally inspected and reviewed by the extended team.

The team divides the material so that they donít have to review everything at once. The review meeting should not take more than a day.

Activity: Review the Business Use-Case Model contains checklists that will help you when you are reviewing a business use case. See also Work Guideline: Reviews.

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