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This tool mentor tells how to set up Rational ClearQuest® to notify users or user groups when a change request status has changed.

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ClearQuest takes advantage of e-mail in two ways: e-mail submission/modification (user to database), and e-mail notification (database to users).

E-mail Submission: The ClearQuest administrator uses the Rational E-Mail Reader to enable users to submit or modify records via e-mail. The Rational Mail Server should run on the same machine as the ClearQuest database(s) to ensure that e-mail submission is always available.

E-mail Notification: The ClearQuest administrator can configure ClearQuest to send e-mail that notifies users about change requests. The administrator uses the E_Mail Rules record type to determine e-mail notification conditions, recipients, and content. In addition, the administrator or users can enable their client machines to receive e-mail notification. Even ClearQuest web clients can receive e-mail notification.

Tool Steps

1. Set up e-mail submission with ClearQuest Designer

See ClearQuest Designer online Help > Using e-mail features > Using e-mail submission > Understanding Rational's E-mail reader.

2. Set up e-mail notification with ClearQuest Designer

See ClearQuest Designer online Help > Using e-mail features > Using ClearQuest's e-mail rules > Understanding e-mail rules.

3. Receive e-mail notification at the ClearQuest client

See ClearQuest online Help > Defining your ClearQuest environment > Setting up e-mail notification.

4. Set up e-mail notification for ClearQuest Web clients

See Installing Rational ClearQuest.

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