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Software Development Plan


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Table of Contents

1.††††††††† Introduction         

1.1††††† Purpose     

1.2††††† Scope     

1.3††††† Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations     

1.4††††† References     

1.5††††† Overview     

2.††††††††† Project Overview      

2.1††††† Project Purpose, Scope and Objectives     

2.2††††† Assumptions and Constraints     

2.3††††† Project Deliverables     

2.4††††† Evolution of the Software Development Plan     

3.††††††††† Project Organization  

3.1††††† Organizational Structure     

3.2††††† External Interfaces     

3.3††††† Roles and Responsibilities     

4.††††††††† Management Process

4.1††††† Project Estimates     

4.2††††† Project Plan     

4.2.1†††††† Phase Plan      

4.2.2†††††† Iteration Objectives

4.2.3†††††† Releases      

4.2.4†††††† Project Schedule 

4.2.5†††††† Project Resourcing      

†††††† †††††††††††† Staffing Plan      

†††††† †††††††††††† Resource Acquisition Plan      

†††††† †††††††††††† Training Plan      

4.2.6†††††† Budget      

4.3††††† Iteration Plans     

4.4††††† Project Monitoring and Control     

4.4.1†††††† Requirements Management Plan      

4.4.2†††††† Schedule Control Plan      

4.4.3†††††† Budget Control Plan      

4.4.4†††††† Quality Control Plan      

4.4.5†††††† Reporting Plan      

4.4.6†††††† Measurement Plan      

4.5††††† Risk Management plan     

4.6††††† Close-out Plan     

5.††††††††† Technical process plans 

5.1††††† Development Case     

5.2††††† Methods, Tools and Techniques     

5.3††††† Infrastructure Plan     

5.4††††† Product Acceptance Plan     

6.††††††††† Supporting Process Plans 

6.1††††† Configuration Management Plan     

6.2††††† Evaluation Plan     

6.3††††† Documentation Plan     

6.4††††† Quality Assurance Plan     

6.5††††† Problem Resolution Plan     

6.6††††† Subcontractor Management Plan     

6.7††††† Process Improvement Plan     

7.††††††††† Additional Plans 

8.††††††††† Annexes 

9.††††††††† Index     

Software Development Plan


1.                  Introduction

[The introduction of the Software Development Plan should provide an overview of the entire document. It should include the purpose, scope, definitions, acronyms, abbreviations, references, and overview of this Software Development Plan.]

1.1               Purpose

[Specify the purpose of this Software Development Plan.]

1.2               Scope

[A brief description of the scope of this Software Development Plan; what Project(s) it is associated with, and anything else that is affected or influenced by this document.]

1.3               Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

[This subsection should provide the definitions of all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to properly interpret the Software Development Plan.  This information may be provided by reference to the project Glossary.]

1.4               References

[This subsection should provide a complete list of all documents referenced elsewhere in the Software Development Plan.† Each document should be identified by title, report number (if applicable), date, and publishing organization.† Specify the sources from which the references can be obtained. This information may be provided by reference to an appendix or to another document.†

For the Software Development Plan, the list of referenced artifacts should include:

         Iteration Plans

         Requirements Management Plan

         Measurement Plan

         Risk Management Plan

         Development Case

         Business Modeling Guidelines

         User Interface Guidelines

         Use-Case-Modeling Guidelines

         Design Guidelines

         Programming Guidelines

         Test Guidelines

         Manual Style Guide

         Infrastructure Plan

         Product Acceptance Plan

         Configuration Management Plan

         Evaluation Plan (only if this is a separate plan - normally this is part of the SDP at Section 6.2)

         Documentation Plan

         Quality Assurance Plan

         Problem Resolution Plan

         Subcontractor Management Plan

         Process Improvement Plan]

1.5               Overview

[This subsection should describe what the rest of the Software Development Plan contains and explain how the document is organized.]

2.                  Project Overview

2.1               Project Purpose, Scope, and Objectives

[A brief description of the purpose and objectives of this project and a brief description of what deliverables the project is expected to deliver.]

2.2               Assumptions and Constraints

[A list of assumptions that this plan is based and any constraints, for example. budget, staff, equipment, schedule, that apply to the project.]

2.3               Project Deliverables

[A tabular list of the artifacts to be created during the project, including target delivery dates.]

2.4               Evolution of the Software Development Plan

[A table of proposed versions of the Software Development Plan, and the criteria for the unscheduled revision and reissue of this plan.]

3.                  Project Organization

3.1               Organizational Structure

[Describe the organizational structure of the project team, including management and other review authorities.]

3.2               External Interfaces

[Describe how the project interfaces with external groups.† For each external group, identify the internal and external contact names.]

3.3               Roles and Responsibilities

[Identify the project organizational units that will be responsible for each of the disciplines, workflow details, and supporting processes.]

4.                  Management Process

4.1               Project Estimates

[Provide the estimated cost and schedule for the project, as well as the basis for those estimates, and the points and circumstances in the project when re-estimation will occur.]

4.2               Project Plan

4.2.1          Phase Plan

[Include the following:

         Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

         a timeline or Gantt chart showing the allocation of time to the project phases or iterations

         identify major milestones with their achievement criteria

Define any important release points and demos]

4.2.2          Iteration Objectives

[List the objectives to be accomplished for each of the iterations.]

4.2.3          Releases

[A brief description of each software release and whether itís demo, beta, etc.]

4.2.4          Project Schedule

[Diagrams or tables showing target dates for completion of iterations and phases, release points, demos, and other milestones.]

4.2.5          Project Resourcing     Staffing Plan

[Identify here the numbers and type of staff required, including any special skills or experience, scheduled by project phase or iteration.]     Resource Acquisition Plan

[Describe how you will approach finding and acquiring the staff needed for the project.]     Training Plan

[List any special training project team members will require, with target dates for when this training should be completed.]

4.2.6          Budget

[Allocation of costs against the WBS and the Phase Plan.]

4.3               Iteration Plans

[Each iteration plan will be enclosed in this section by reference.]

4.4               Project Monitoring and control

4.4.1          Requirements Management Plan

[Enclosed by reference.]

4.4.2          Schedule Control Plan

[Describes the approach to be taken to monitor progress against the planned schedule and how to take corrective action when required.]

4.4.3          Budget Control Plan

[Describes the approach to be taken to monitor spending against the project budget and how to take corrective action when required.]

4.4.4          Quality Control Plan

[Describe the timing and methods to be used to control the quality of the project deliverables and how to take corrective action when required.]

4.4.5          Reporting Plan

[Describes internal and external reports to be generated, and the frequency and distribution of publication.]

4.4.6          Measurement Plan

[Enclosed by reference.]

4.5               Risk Management plan

[Enclosed by reference.]

4.6               Close-out Plan

[Describe the activities for the orderly completion of the project, including staff reassignment, archiving of project materials, post-mortem debriefings and reports etc.]

5.                  Technical Process Plans

5.1               Development Case

[Enclosed by reference.]

5.2               Methods, tools and techniques

[Lists the documented project technical standards, etc., by reference:

         Business Modeling Guidelines

         User Interface Guidelines

         Use-Case-Modeling Guidelines

         Design Guidelines

         Programming Guidelines

         Test Guidelines

         Manual Style guide]

5.3               Infrastructure Plan

[Enclosed by reference]

5.4               Product Acceptance Plan

[Enclosed by reference]

6.                  Supporting Process Plans

6.1               Configuration Management Plan

[Enclosed by reference]

6.2               Evaluation Plan

[Part of the Software Development Plan, this describes the projectís plans for product evaluation, and covers the techniques, criteria, metrics, and procedures used for evaluationó this will include walkthroughs, inspections, and reviews. Note that this is in addition to the Test Plan which is not enclosed in the Software Development Plan.]

6.3               Documentation Plan

[Enclosed by reference.]

6.4               Quality Assurance Plan

[Enclosed by reference.]

6.5               Problem Resolution Plan

[Enclosed by reference.]

6.6               Subcontractor Management Plan

[Enclosed by reference.]

6.7               Process Improvement Plan

[Enclosed by reference]

7.                  Additional plans

[Additional plans if required by contract or regulations.]

8.                  Annexes

[Additional material of use to the reader of the SDP.]

9.                  Index