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Research Areas
Updated September 26, 2019

Research interests

Dr. Boetticher's previous research explored Software Metrics, Computational Bioinformatics and Data Mining. His current research effort focus on Financial Data Mining.

Why research?

A question you might ask is, "Why should I pursue a thesis instead of a capstone project?" Surely, a capstone project is much easier. However consider what opportunities await you when you graduate.

Capstone Graduate Research Graduate
Cubicle Farm Your own office
Conformity Creativity
A commute Chance to Travel
Financial vulnerability Financial freedom
A name badge International recognition
Change the printer paper Change the world

You can focus on an area that is interesting to you, and contribute in a significant way to the work being done. Furthermore, you have an opportunity to develop your writing skills, your speaking skills, and your independent learning skills. Research can be intimidating because it is often undefined up front, but in the end, you can be proud of the accomplishments you've made in the face of uncertainty.

Research is not for everyone, it does require hard work. But, the rewards are much greater! Making the decision to pursue research requires you to think deeply about your goals and interests before you decide to pursue a thesis.

Why me?

I am one of the highest rated Computer Science/Software Engineering faculty member on Google Scholar.


I was awarded a United States Patent 60/961,631 issued on July 22, 2011. (Awarded) Molecular Phenotyping of Severe Asthma

Overall, I have published 36 papers (19 papers co-authored with graduate students). Two of these papers won "best paper" awards. So, if you would like to gain lots of international recognition, publish many quality papers, solve some very tough problems, make your family proud, earn money, and of course have fun, then please contact me.

So you want to work with me?

Now, you may have decided that you share some interest in what I do, and you think you want to work for me. I have certain expectations when collaborating.

  • Academically superior. Research can be more demanding than regular graduate classes. Therefore, you need to have done very well in one or more of my classes.

  • Independent learners and thinkers. You should challenge me as much as I challenge you.

  • Capable programmers. If your programming is not strong, you must be willing to learn programming on your own.

  • Take initiative. This might require you to learn something on your own in order to achieve the goal. What I don't like to hear is, "I didn't know how to do that, so I couldn't get it done." When I assign something, it's with the purpose of making you learn to perform that task.

  • Good writing skills. Writing is the most effective way to convey your knowledge. If you can write well about something, then it demonstrates that you understand it.

  • Good presentation skills. I expect you to learn to present well. Presenting your work is ultimately what is required to be recognized for your effort.

  • Good planner. Choosing to do a thesis is a long-term commitment. This is not a decision which is made a week before a semester starts.

  • Exceed my expectations. There is a saying, "If you only do what you get paid, then you only get paid what you do!"

Your role as my student is to assist me in my work, and as a consequence, you will not only acquire knowledge for a given research area, but through reading, writing, and presentation opportunities you will become very successful regardless of whether you go into industry or stay in academia. My role as an advisor is to keep you focused, and provide opportunities for developing your research, reading, writing, and presentation skills. Sometimes students are confused about this relationship and think advisors should be assisting them.

Now what?

If you are interested in working with me, I recommend the following steps.

  • Enroll in one of my sections of CSCI5333. This is a required class for the Computer Science graduate program. It will give you an opportunity to learn about me. Also, it will give me an opportunity to learn about you.

  • Enroll in one or more of my graduate courses: DBMS (CSCI5333), Data Mining (CSCI5833), Financial Data Mining (CSCI5832), or Big Data Analytics (CSCI5931). Depending upon your research interests, I recommend you take one of these two courses. This will help you get focused on one of my research areas. By mid-semester you may want to discuss with me that you are interested in pursuing a thesis.

  • Set up an Independent Study. The next logical step is to set up an Independent Study. This will allow you to work closely with me and to focus your research goals.

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